Freeshop….what is that?
Most people have a „replacement“ mobile-phone, a sweater which is barely worn or a pair of shoes, which were just bought for a special event!
We all got usable things we dont use, because of different reasons.
The „Freeshop“ will be a place were we can share our abundance!

How does it work?
That is pretty easy: Just visit the „Freeshop“ and look around. If there is anything you like, just take ist and be happy.
If you want to donate something to the „Freeshop“, just bring it to the frei*raum and give it to the „Freeshop-Team“!

Things that can be in the Freeshop:
Clothes, books, DVD’s, household items, games,…
If you got bigger stuff like furniture/bikes, just bring a picture and a writing with details!
Everything must be clean and ready to use!

Things that should not be in the Freeshop:
Trash, „things which are easy to repair“, used hygiene items, animals, ohter weird stuff,…

Due to reorganisation the freeshop will be closed on mondays for the next time. The freeshop will be still open on other events in the frei*raum.
Regulary Openingtime: !
The Freeshop is always open during other events in the Frei*raum!
Known Mondays on which the freeshop is closed: !